Social Empowerment & Voluntary Association (SEVA)


    The Social Empowerment & Voluntary Association (SEVA) is a registered public charitable trust based in New Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is a community-based action planning, and policy support organization, working towards bridging the gap between policy, practice and research related to disaster mitigation and climate change adaptation as laid out in Disaster Management Plan of District Disaster Management Authority of Collector Offices in Maharashtra.

    Established in 2008, SEVA has expanded its work over the years to cover 9 types of disasters in ten areas of Maharashtra. SEVA strives to link local communities to national and international levels of risk reduction, relief and long-term recovery policies and programs to build resilience as envisioned in Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR). As an action and learning organization, SEVA works towards promoting Disaster Risk Mitigation and Adaptation to climate change risk by supporting, capturing, processing and disseminating disaster related information, lessons and innovative ideas as well as conducting stakeholder round tables, capability training’s of trainers, School Safety Program, reviews and reflections, and pilot or demonstration projects with the citizens are in the center. Parallel organization work on the different social issues like organizing financial literacy training’s for different age groups with SEBI, CDSL, NIIT Foundation, etc. and also work in Women Empowerment, Rural Development, Agriculture Development, Education, Health, Environment, etc.


    Disaster Management SEVA adds to efforts of Government and the citizens. SEVA’s focus is on promoting a practice of community based Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) through:

    1. Building capacities of multiple humanitarian stakeholders in all stages of disaster risk reduction, response and recovery

    2. Facilitating exchange and synergy of diverse risk reduction strategies, mechanisms and knowledge to concerned stakeholders with networking among them.

    3. Providing timely and targeted relief to disaster-affected communities in a gender-sensitive way, thus supporting human security through shelter, livelihood, water and food projects;  

    4. Protecting and promoting rights of disaster affected victims with special focus on women, children, Dalit’s and minorities.

    5. Devising climate change adaptation approaches in the community context and advocate the same in regional networks.

    | Other Projects

    1. Providing Financial Literacy Program for Different age groups.

    2. Women Empowerment & Adolescent Health & Rights

    3. Work on Rural Development Activities

    4. Providing Free Sanitary Pads for 3000 Adolescent Girls (1 year supplement) every year from Rural Areas schools.

    5. Providing School Material like School Bag, Shoes, Stationary, Water Bottle, Tiffin Box, educational books, sport materials etc. for 5000 Poor’s student every year selecting form Rural areas Government Schools.

    Our Flagship Project: Disaster Management Act 2005